Quaternion Demo

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Understanding Quaternions is a demo designed for indie developers who have used quaternions in their game dev projects, but were not really certain how exactly they worked as a mathematical object.

Screenshot of the quaternion demo

Instead of developers simply abstracting out the inner workings of quaternion rotation, this demo teaches a surface level understanding of how they actually work.

A more elaborate example of the rotation operation shown in my demo

Besides the great practice I got with 3D math and Quaternion math, this project was also my first Unreal Engine 4 project that I have ever made public. I had a great time becoming familiar with UE4s. It was super efficient to program complicated systems, such as the UI manager, and being able to simply call public function from them in Blueprints, to script the different scenes in this demo.

Screenshot of blueprint

Above, you can see the main camera controller that I made, using a combination of Blueprint logic, and called public functions written in C++ to access other managers, such as the UI manager.

Michael Barba
Gameplay Programmer at Lightforge Games

Gameplay Programmer at Lightforge Games working on an unannounced project. Graduated in Spring 2022, and previously spent 8 months at Blizzard on the Diablo 2 Resurrected Gameplay/UI team as a co-op engineer.