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ANTIGOLF is a 2D puzzle game made in Unity, created to be played on PC, Mobile, or in browser. The goal of the game is the opposite of golf, you want to NOT get the ball in the hole in a given amount of strokes. The game was initially created for the Brackey's 2020.1 Game Jam, in which it was well received.

Image of stats for the game jam

As seen in the picture above, ANTIGOLF scored in the top 10 overall from over 700 other submission, and in the top 5 in categories such as “fun” and “innovation”.

Promo gif for ANTIGOLF

Although the game mechanics are fairly simple, the high levels of polish applied, especially for a game made in six days made it a highly competitive entry. After building the foundational gameplay systems, I was able to quickly build new mechanics and levels, while still having enough time left over to polish the visuals and UI.

GIF showcasing the menu polish of ANTIGOLF

The coolest thing I built in ANTIGOLF was a small developer toolset that I could use to stage gameplay events for recording promotional footage of the game, which definitely contributed to my success in the competition. This was the first developer specific utility I ever built alongside a game, and opened my eyes to how spending developer time on tools like these could increase my productivity in building features, debugging, and many other areas.

Screenshot of ANTIGOLF

Michael Barba
Gameplay Programmer at Lightforge Games

Gameplay Programmer at Lightforge Games working on an unannounced project. Graduated in Spring 2022, and previously spent 8 months at Blizzard on the Diablo 2 Resurrected Gameplay/UI team as a co-op engineer.